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  • International Applicants

    International applicants will have to observe some additional formalities regarding entry into Austria and the authentication and translation of foreign documents. Below we provide you with some basic information. For further questions please contact the Program Management

    Visa and residence permit

    Applicants are kindly asked to check in time if they will need a visa and/or residence permit for Austria. Participants of the program take any responsibility for their visas themselves. Any fees involved are at the participant's expense. The TU Wien and the Vienna University of Economics and Business disclaim responsibility for ensuring the participants will obtain visas. However, we will of course provide you with the necessary letter of admission.

    Authentication and translation of foreign documents

    As a precondition for admission to a postgraduate study at the TU Wien and the Vienna University of Economics and Business we need a copy of your high school diploma (A Levels or SAT exam) and university diploma (the document showing your academic degree). If these documents were issued in a foreign country they also have to be authenticated unless Austria has concluded a bilateral agreement with the respective country. Authorized German or English translations shall be attached inseparably to documents issued in other languages. Find detailed information about the formal requirements here.

    Applicants are responsible for obtaining all documents in time and at their own expense. The original documents including authentication and translation (where applicable) have to be presented to the Program Management before program start.