Professional MBA  ENTREPRENEURSHIP & INNOVATION WU ExecutiveTU WIENContinuing Education Center
  • What we look for

    To apply for the Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation candidates must meet the following formal requirements:

    • Internationally recognized undergraduate degree equivalent to a bachelor's degree
    • Minimum of three years of relevant work experience
    • Proficiency in written and spoken English

    In individual cases and where there is good reason, also applicants without an undergraduate degree but equivalent qualifications may be granted admission. This applies to individuals who hold a position equivalent to that normally held by a college graduate, or who have appropriate work experience.

    In addition, MBA participants are expected to have access to a personal computer and to be familiar with MS Office software.

    Selection criteria

    For the reason of quality assurance, the number of participants is limited. A successful application not only depends on compliance with formal requirements but also on individual qualifications. During the selection process we aim to register high quality participants based on a variety of criteria that measure the candidates' demonstrated abilities as students, managers and leaders. These criteria include:

    • Solid career progression
    • Management and leadership skills
    • Ability to commit to a challenging program
    • Interpersonal and communication skills
    • A clear career vision
    • Ambition and drive

    In addition, student diversity is essential to the quality of the MBA program. Therefore, we select all our MBA participants with great care, considering cultural and academic background, skills and work experience.