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  • What students and alumni say about the MBA program

    The purpose of this website is to provide you with comprehensive information about the Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation. However, we are of course biased. Therefore, we asked students and graduates about their experiences with this MBA program. Here are their direct quotes:

    Students’ and alumni voices

  • "After leaving my previous job as Managing Director of a Samsung Group company here in Austria, I felt lost. Multiple years of stressful management decisions and never feeling adequate enough made me realize that it's finally time for me to do an MBA - I'd learned the hard way, that being good in projects and being able to run good businesses is something drastically different.
    The Entrepreneurship & Innovation MBA was a perfect match for me. In the first year, we learned basics of business including things like corporate finance and global economics, which was tremendously helpful to sharpen business & management knowledge. The second year with a strong focus on Entrepreneurship & Innovation was even better, because it helped me gather up my courage to finally start what I always only dreamed of - to found my own startup." - Kaitlyn WonJung Chang

  • Kaitlyn WonJung Chang
    Head of Strategy & Innovation, KTHE GmbH
    Co-Founder, Sellvus
    (Class 2016-2018)

  • "At the beginning of the PMBA, a professor told us: “this program will change you, I promise”. While it seemed arrogant, it hid some crude truth behind it nonetheless.
    Is the program hard? Yes! Is the program interesting? Beyond doubts! Are you extending your network? In any case!
    However, the most important lesson I took away from it is the following.
    I learned how to look at the world with a new set of eyes. What I see are innovative opportunities everywhere!
    In a sense, the PMBA E&I deeply transformed me.” - Alexandre Barban



  • Dipl.-Ing. Alexandre Barban, MBA
    (Class 2015-2017)

  • "Before the beginning of the program I strongly believed that a professional MBA would provide me with the needed skills in order to unite my creative ideas with the often needed business background. My expectations have been exceeded and in addition to the programs’ accreditations and reputation I have been able to establish a network of highly motivated and dedicated people. The workload should, however, not be underestimated. If you put in the effort you will reap the rewards from the first day of the program onwards." - Christian Aberer




  • Mag. Christian Aberer
    Samsung Electronics Austria
    (Class 2016-2018)

  • "Coming from a background of IT and project management, the Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation perfectly complements my education and enabled me to expand my understanding of business and strategy.
    In particular, the specialization on entrepreneurship and innovation provided me with valuable insights that I can transfer into my own business context. Understanding the dynamics of innovation and translating this knowledge into tangible business results has been an important motivation for me when choosing this program.
    Just as important as the content of the modules itself is the learning experience that this MBA provides. Working with classmates with very diverse backgrounds and career ambitions not only broadened my skill set but also my personal horizon." - Nina Zenz




  • Dipl. Ing. (FH) Nina Zenz, MBA
    A1 Telekom Austria AG
    (Class 2014-2016)

  • "The Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation significantly contributed to a deeper understanding of a wide phenomenon that I was only partially involved in. My interest for innovation has now become a true passion." - Fabrizio De Pasquale

  • DI Fabrizio De Pasquale, MBA
    Siemens Technology-to-Business Center

  • "I really value the modules specializing in innovation, since I am able to transfer many topics directly into my daily work at JOANNEUM RESEARCH. On the other hand I have a lot of practical experience in innovation projects, so the theory delivered in the lectures has been of particular value. Often this theoretical background places the questions I have derived from actual practice into a broader context. By working on the post module assignments I have a chance to think about the transfer into my company without incurring all the risks of a ’real’ project." - Maria Fellner

  • DI Maria Fellner, MBA
    JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH

  • “In the position of CEO of a high tech SME, many of the topics covered were familiar to me already. The Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation provides me with insights to wrap up all the loose ends of my daily work, helps me to see the full picture and to make tough decisions in a self-assured way. I can recognize correlations which I hadn't been aware of prior to my start on the program.” - Andreas Stingl

  • DI Andreas Stingl, MBA
    FEMTOLASERS Produktions GmbH

  • "Coming from a technical background, I decided to take this MBA programme in order to broaden my horizon, study economics and business, and improve my management skills. The study workload is high, but what I have learned from it is worth all the effort I have paid. This MBA programme has truly fulfilled my expectations. Also, working with and learning from classmates from different backgrounds is very eye-opening. What is more, this study has not only passed on knowledge, but has also ignited my enthusiasm for further engagement in entrepreneurship and innovation. I am very happy to have chosen this MBA programme." - Ying Wu



  • Ying Wu
    International Atomic Energy Agency